Vanilla Ice’s Pet Kangaroo

Leaving aside for a moment the dubious claim by Vanilla Ice that he’s sold 3 million records in the last eight months, or that he’s on a show called Dancing on Ice, or that he also has a property fixing show on the DIY Network, or that he owns an exotic car rental business in Palm Beach, or that he’s convinced he saw the Loch Ness Monster while chilling in a swimming pool 18 years ago.

No, the real head-scratcher in this interview with the Metro UK concerns the fact that he owns a pet kangaroo.But that alone isn’t the strangest thing. Even though it’s pretty weird.

When asked what his pet kangaroo’s name is, Mr. Ice responded, “Bucky Buckaroo. He’s a great guy. I’ve had him since he was a baby and now he’s 5ft 10in. He’s spoiled rotten – he has his own enclosure and a female pot-bellied pig in there who is his lover. Kangaroos will hump anything. I think the pig likes it. There’s also a goat in there who he grew up with but they’re just friends.”

What. The. Fuck.  Right?

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