Wedding Flash Mob Will Make Your Heart Weep

Put aside for a second, the warming cockles this wedding flash mob will deliver to your lifeless heart, and instead wonder if this wedding flash mob is the creative apex of the genre?  Is it safe to pronounce that all other flash mobs have been rendered silly and moot by this Boston couple (well she’s from Belgium but we won’t hold that against her!)?  Flash mobs have become so ingrained into our culture that it’s no longer weird when people break out into “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” at the Prudential Mall, but rather, as if on cue other patrons begin to dance and sing along and participate — despite this taking place in the middle of December, which is the height of crazy, pissed off people from having to Christmas shop.

Various news outlets did a little story on this after it happened, but I was waiting for a decent video to put up and thankfully @zackbazzi was able to deliver for me!  The couple’s story is pretty cute as well, they met in Rawanda, got engaged a day later and planned a wedding in the states on a low, low budget shortly afterwards.

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  • comecacac January 15, 2011, 2:48 am