A Concept Airline Everyone Should Get Behind

When it comes to airline travel, there’s probably no more of a divisive issue than traveling with young kids. Single adults and business travelers hate being around messy, unruly kids. The parents of said kids are just trying to hold on and make it through as best they can. It’s a situation where no one wins. Except the airlines because they charged everyone $20 to check a bag.

RKS, a strategic design consultancy in Thousand Oaks, California, took this challenge as a design opportunity to create a new airline brand focused on the unique needs of family travelers, by unveiling the concept brand cAir (pronounced “care”) — an airline built from the ground-up specifically for stressed-out families.

This is a concept every traveler should get behind. Also, as a testament to how effective this campaign was, my first thought was, “fuck, I would fly the shit out of that airline” even though it caters to families and kids. It’s pretty clear that airlines could put more effort into serving their customers instead of treating them like cattle to be herded and moved from point A to point B. [via fastcodesign]

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