A Day in the Life of a Postmates Courier

TechCrunch’s Ryan Lawler spent a day pretending to be a Postmates bike courier.

Let’s start with the setup: PostMates delivery folks bring their own bikes and gear, but are outfitted with an iPhone running a PostMates app that alerts them to new jobs and shows them where to pick up and drop stuff off. The startup also gives their couriers a pre-paid credit card so they can make purchases at various stores around town. Couriers get a little bit of instruction, then go on a few practice jobs just to get the hang of the system, and then they’re off!

(Unfortunately, there’s a nice video that goes with the post that has an embed code, but the content is “restricted from playback. Seems entirely appropriate for an AOL property to have an available embed code for a video and then make that content restricted.)

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