A Trio of Wonderful City Time-Lapses: San Diego, Rio De Janeiro, and L.A.

San Diego

Downtown San Diego and the surrounding areas, which are some of the most beautiful in all of America, as shot by Kevin Andrew Falk.

Rio De Janeiro

From Gizmodo: “Joe Simon took his Canon 5D Mark III to Rio and what he captured it is beyond lovely. He rode cable cars and filmed at popular locations to get all the footage and he made Rio De Janeiro look like another level beyond paradise. I need to go there now. Or at least by the 2016 Olympics. Or maybe the 2014 World Cup. Or screw it, now.”

Los Angeles

This time lapse video of LA, by Colin Rich, shows the City of Angels as it moves from day to night in all its glory. I think LA kind of gets a bad rap as a city and this video goes a long way to counter any preconceived notions you might have about it.

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