An Inside Peak of the Joseph Abboud Factory

True story: back when I was writing for the Patriot Ledger in Quincy, Mass., I took a call while solo monitoring the newsroom on Saturday morning. It was from Joseph Abboud.

The actual Joseph Abboud was calling to drum up publicity for his sister’s singing career. It was sweet and he was very nice because it turns out his sister was singing at some random bar for her very first gig and she was probably 70. All Abboud wanted was a little recognition for his sister’s efforts. I asked him if he wanted to be interviewed and he said he didn’t want to overshadow her accomplishment by being tied to the article.

It struct me as a very kind thing to do, something I wouldn’t expect out of someone with his fame and stature. Anyway, he won a fan for life. Not surprising that a person like that would also try to manufacture his clothing products in America. Here’s a look inside the New Bedord, Mass. factory used to manufacture his clothing line.

My only complaint is I wish there were some actual interviews with people and not just the humming whirl of machines. [via doobybrain]

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