An Interview with Hansky

The Awl has an interview with the street artist Hanksy, who takes images from Banksy and incorporates Tom Hanks into the mix. It’s fairly cheeky and fully awesome. The interview was done by EA Hanks, who, if I’m correct, is actually Tom Hanks’ daughter. It’s just an extra layer of awesome.

EA: Regarding your work, Tom Hanks sends the message, “I don’t know who Hanksy is, but I enjoy his (her?) comments via the semi-chaos of artistic expression.” Do you know if Banksy knows as well?

Hanksy: There has been word, from mouths that have some credentials to back it up, that he has seen the work, is following it, and completely encourages it.

EA: What’s it like to know that two artists of whom you are, by your own admission, a huge fan of, know about and encourage about your work?

Hanksy: It’s humbling and completely special. The internet has broken down so many barriers where things like this can now happen. I wouldn’t say it’s a dream come true, but it’s definitely a small fantasy.

EA: Do you feel like you’ve sort of cheated somehow, to have this special thing happen, all over a joke? Or do you feel like only an entirely genuine laugh could provoke such an outpouring of response? Or some combination of the two?

Hanksy: Initially, it was simple. And don’t get me wrong, it still is. But not everything in this life has to be somber, serious, and thought-provoking. Street art included. Mindless humor is meant to be had and the success I’ve seen shows that other people believe that as well.

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