Avoiding Baggage Fees

Janet Morrissey looks at the myriad and creative ways air travelers take to avoid baggage fees:

To avoid it, some travelers stuff as many items as possible into a carry-on bag and then fight for space in the overhead bin.

Others, like Eileen Ogintz, will drive 50 or 100 miles to an airport served by Southwest Airlines or JetBlue. Southwest makes the first two checked bags free, and JetBlue allows the first bag.

The article article reads like a laundry list of people sick and tired of being nickel and dimed by the airlines. An entire industry has cropped up around avoiding baggage fees.

Further, it’s not like there’s a choice in America to travel by another means. Taking a bus and Amtrak sucks for the most part. And it’s not like you can drive from coast to coast on business. People wouldn’t notice much difference if their airfare was $20 higher, but they do notice when an airline charges extra to check a bag.

Anyway, if the government really wanted to do something, they would help usher in high speed rail travel between major metropolitan areas so people only have to fly if it’s cross country or a fairly decent distant.

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