Hanksy’s Ferrell Cats Raises the Bar

Hanksy continues his delightful romp through the puntastic universe of pop culture street art (re: Marty McFly) with his latest homage to Will Ferrell and street felines. Above is “Ferrell Cats” featuring Colin Farrell, Will Ferrell and Pharyell Williams. Hanksy didn’t stop there with the Will Ferrell cat love. No, no. He also did a few other wheat pastes, including one of Will Ferrell in Ron Burgundy mustache regalia.

If you need to satiate your jones further, Hanksy has a tumblr, obviously. He should be ashamed for scraping Stark and Recreation, though, which imagines Aziz Ansari’s Tom Haverford character in the Iron Man suite. [via huffpost]

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