I Love People: 5,000 Miles, 930 People, 162 Seconds

Benjamin Jenks‘ travel dream was to hitchhike around the USA for a year. He wanted to meet people from all walks of life and learn about the world through a simple adventure. So he did just that, by embarking on a two year adventure.

What I most like about Jenks’ message is that you don’t need to climb Everest, hitchhike across America, or swim the English Channel to live an adventurous life.

“You just need to be interested in living adventurously in your own way. Maybe that is choosing to do work that you love, maybe that is starting your own blog, maybe that is driving a motorcycle across Asia, or maybe that is (safely) jumping off a bridge in your hometown,” he writes. Indeed. I rather like that perspective. Anything can be an adventure with the right frame of mind.

Be sure to check out the long version of his adventure. The lesson here is if you dress like Ritchie Tenenbaum and act like Jack Kerouac then being an unemployed, homeless hipster is kind of sexy. [via curiousbrain]

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