“I Wish You Many Cool Breezes”

Yesterday, there was a longish thread at Reddit about the onset of depression stemming from being a “forever alone.

One particular Redditor, who identified themselves as a 43-year-old forever alone, chimed in with a deeply moving answer on having the right perspective in life.

Sometimes on a warm day, a cool breeze will come along. It just happens. Or it doesn’t happen. There is no schedule for it, no specific reason, nothing I can do to cause it. It feels awfully nice when it does happen. I don’t deserve it, or not deserve it. I can’t earn it.

All I can do is be out there doing whatever I am doing, and enjoy it when it comes along. That is not to suggest you should be passive, not at all. Exactly the opposite. But you should allow life to happen.

You want to stop feeling. You can do that. I did. It can be done. But there is no way–none, zero, no way at all ever–to stop feeling the bad parts without also stopping feeling the good. You do not get to choose that, it cannot be done. If you numb the bad, you numb the glorious.

The Redditor ends by saying, “I wish you many cool breezes.” I LOVE that. My cool breezes are seeing a cardinal or a blue jay. The birds are just rare enough that when you see one they are always an unexpected delight, but not so rare that you would go a year or two without seeing them.

We should all embrace the cool breezes of life and not worry so much about the other stuff.

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