Kenyan Village at Night and Why They Make Great Runners

1. It’s Nice That has a photo series by Alejandro Chaskielberg of a Kenyan village in the Turkana region of northwest Kenya at night. Striking photos to say the least.

2. In light of yet another Kenya sweep at the Boston Marathon on Monday, The Atlantic investigates how and why the African country manages to dominate long distance running despite making up only .006% of the world’s population.

Two separate, European-led studies in a small region in western Kenya, which produces most of the race-winners, found that young men there could, with only a few months training, reliably outperform some of the West’s best professional runners. In other words, they appeared to have a physical advantage that is common to their community, making it probably genetic. The studies found significant differences in body mass index and bone structure between the Western pros and the Kenyan amateurs who had bested them. The studied Kenyans had less mass for their height, longer legs, shorter torsos, and more slender limbs. One of the researchers described the Kenyan physical differences as “bird-like,” noting that these traits would make them more efficient runners, especially over long distances.

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