Okay, time to clear out some tabs because I’m sick of looking at them. It’s like each story is taunting me because I cannot get to it. These stories deserve more than just ending up at the bottom of a link dump, but such is life.

1. This $70 million literally diamond ring makes me want to vomit on several levels.

2. 1960s Batmobile vs.1989 Batmobile in a drag race. Who ya got?

3. Native Tongues a long, enjoyable piece by Simon Winchester on the production of The Dictionary of Regional American English for Lapham’s Quarterly.

The first volume appeared in 1985: it listed tens of thousands of geographically specific dialect words, from tall flowering plants known in the South as “Aaron’s Rod,” to a kind of soup much favored in Wisconsin, made from duck’s blood, known as “czarina.” The next two volumes appeared in the 1990s, the fourth after 2000, so assiduously planned and organized by Cassidy as to be uninterrupted by his passing. The fifth and final volume, the culminating triumph of this extraordinary project, is being published this March—it offers up regionalisms running alphabetically from “slab highway” (as concrete-covered roads are apparently still known in Indiana and Missouri) to “zydeco,” not the music itself, but a kind of raucous and high-energy musical party that is held in a long swathe of villages arcing from Galveston to Baton Rouge.

4. “The Amsterdam Museum teamed up with the Dutch creative agency PlusOne to create a series of videos for the new Amsterdam DNA exhibition — an exhibition that offers a three-dimensional 45-minute journey through Amsterdam’s history.

5. Here’s a documentary on how beer saved the world courtesy of the Discovery Channel.

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