Meteor Over Crater Lake

Crater Lake in Oregon is one of the few natural wonders I’ve seen that made my head explode from its inexplicable beauty and majestic tranquility — the other was the Grand Canyon, natch.  Things like Crater Lake shouldn’t exist. They just shouldn’t because they an incomprehensible. They exist outside of what my rational human brain is capable of understanding.

Anyway, photographer  Brad Goldpaint caught a meteor shooting past Crater Lake at night in mid-April and the photo is quite remarkable in its own right. [via APOD, of course]

Somewhat Related: Tonight, May 5, is a full moon, but not just any full moon. It’ll be a “supermoon”, and the closest the moon will be to Earth all year. So what’s that mean for you and I? Glad you asked. It means tonight, the moon will be about “16 percent brighter-than-average full moon accompanied by unusually high and low tides this weekend and into the new week,” according to

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