MIT Turns Building Into a Giant Playable Game of Tetris

Score another point for MIT and its long, illustrious list of pranks. On April 20th, hackers at the college turned the Green Building on campus into a giant playable game of Tetris. The photo speaks for itself, but there is an awesome video of the prank as well.

MIT hackers have long considered “Tetris on the Green Building” to be the Holy Grail of hacks, as the side of the building is a wonderful grid for the game. The game started off scrolling the words “TETRIS” and then would start into the first level. As the player progressed, the second level would start with more pale colors, making it harder to identify the type of block. The third level involved the colors shifting on-screen. Upon losing the game, all of the blocks would fall to the bottom of the building.

I really don’t know how anyone at the school is going to top this prank, save for creating a playable version of Super Mario Bros. across several campus buildings. [via BostInno]

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