“Obscure Knowledge was Once a Kind of Currency”

Alexandra Molotkow has piece in the NYT’s that is ostensibly about coming to grips with no-longer being a music snob, or how being a music snob makes one the least cool person in the room (on Twitter, whatevs). However, with that said, the article is about so much more than that and it’s really difficult to find a good blockquote.

I LOVE this part, though: “Staying current is now a wild game of whack-a-mole. And knowing one thing about everything is much more important than knowing everything about one thing.”

It speaks to the importance of information gathering and whether being a sullen music snob actually matters anymore? I’m of the opinion that it’s better to know a few things about everything and let the people who know everything about one thing fill me in on the rest.

Anyway, the entire thing is a great examination of the importance of cultural currency. Does that even exist anymore?

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