On Female Desire

Over at The Hairpin, there’s a fantastic video and interview with the creators behind The Desire Project:

Writers/producers Victoria Floethe and Kate Rose recently flipped the switch on the Desire Project, “a website about what women want and how they get it.” The site (currently in beta) features dozens of videos of women talking about desire — sexy desire, unsexy desire, one desire, two desire, red desire, blue desire. It’s hot and hypnotic (and goofy and honest), which you can get a taste of in the charming teaser above.

It’s worth clicking through for the interview and video — fascinating stuff. Unfortunately, it seems only The Hairpin has the permission to embed the video. I’d love to see someone do the male equivalent with this. I think it would be fascinating to see the differences between all the different types of men out there. [via clusterflock]

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