Ron Perlman Dons the Hellboy Costume for Make-a-Wish

There might never be a Hellboy 3 from director Guillermo del Toro and actor Ron Perlman, which would be a shame. However, if the last time we see Ron Perlman dressed up as Red was his recent gig with the Make-a-Wish Foundation then that’s okay.

Zachary is six. He is currently being treated for leukemia and wanted to meet Hellboy. So, Perlman, a spry 62, dressed up in costume and hung out with the boy for the day. The two hung out at the makeup effects studio Spectral Motion.

What an awesome dude. You know how much of a pain it is for him to go full Hellboy costume like that? Obviously, not nearly as painful as going through leukemia treatment as a six-year-old, but my point is that Hollywood would be better if there were more Ron Perlman’s living and working in that industry.

Anyway, the two got to joke around, eat lunch, and eventually, Zachary was transformed into a mini-Hellboy. Someone needs to start a “Good Guy Ron Perlman” meme stat.

Not too shabby. That kid is going to be a Hellboy fan for life.

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