Sounds Like a Ground-Breaking Product

“If you like to visit web pages, check on the weather, get the latest sports scores, listen to music, download podcasts, watch movies, play video games, use a GPS unit to navigate city streets, manage all your passwords, take photographs, share memories with friends, keep a calendar, take notes, read books or magazines, share your “tweets” on Twitter with your “tweeps”, get recommendations on restaurants, let your friends know where you are in a city, keep a todo list, make animated GIFs, edit photographs, produce and edit short films, record audio on a multichannel mixing station, use a compass, add or subtract one number from another, get access to files you’ve saved on other computers, have a robotic voice remind you of household tasks when you walk through your front door, keep the birthdays and phone numbers of every person in your life, track your sleep patterns and be woken at exactly the right time in your REM cycle, take college courses from real universities for free, keep track of all your passwords, use email, tune your guitar, monitor police-band broadcasts, remix ambient audio into a living aural nightmare, have AAA send a tow truck, find free condoms, learn how to tie a knot, write a novel, control a flying robotic drone, mail a letterpress card, control your television with a remote control, order a coffee, keep track of your finances, look up a recipe, send a friend money, check on the status of your airline flight, find your computer if it’s been lost, use a camera to create an augmented reality portal through which you can locate and identify celestial objects, keep track of your heart rate, take a personal credit card as payment, or make phone calls, you might consider buying an iPhone.” — Joel Johnson, finally reviews the iPhone after trying one for five years.

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