The Bacon-Pizza Camping Stove

When you think about camping you generally think about roughing it. We can’t all camp like Tom Haverford, or can we? Thanks to Coleman and approximately $250, campers can cook up an impressive array of meals — including bacon, bagels, frozen pizza, really anything.

The Coleman Outdoor Oven/Stove is powered by a 1lb. propane canister, offers two 5,300 BTU burners and 3,000 BTU of cooking power in the oven, which is large enough to hold a 9″x13″ baking pan. So, if camping isn’t really your thing (we’re guessing it’s not) just grab one of these bad boys, a bunch of frozen pizzas, some brownie mix and cooler of your favorite brew and call it a night. [via gizmodo/uncrate]

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