The Bicycle Made Simple

What is this voodoo magic? Josh Bechtel’s Bicymple prototype is an interesting evolution of the bicycle.

By removing the chain, the number of moving parts and overall complexity is significantly reduced. A direct-drive, freewheeling hub joins the crank arm axis with the rear-wheel axis, shortening the wheelbase and minimizing the design.

More than just a stylish concept bike, the bicymple is comfortable, easy to ride, and brilliantly simple to maintain. The lightweight design and short wheelbase make for a nimble ride. The optional rear-steer mode is reminiscent of custom “swing bikes” and allows tighter turns and “crab-riding”.

No word yet on pricing or availability. My guess is this will never see production, but here’s to hoping Bechtel’s Scalyfish Designs, based in Bellingham, Wash., can pull it off. [via thehighdef]

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