The Wire: The Musical

This might be Funny or Die’s crowning comedic accomplishment. 

The site cajoled Michael K. Williams, Sonja Sohn, Felicia Pearson, Larry Gillard Jr. and Andre Royo to reprise their roles  as Omar, Det. Kima Greggs, Snoop, D’Angelo Barksdale and Bubbles, from The Wire, respectively, for a musical-parody rendition of the greatest show ever conceived in the history of television*.

*I full recognize the hyperbole involved here, but it’s become standard journalistic practice to refer to the show as such, regardless of how one actually feels about said show or how pointless or reductive such hyperbole is to the larger context of television history. With that said, yes, The Wire, is one of the five greatest shows ever produced. [via indiewire]

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