This Is the Greatest Hoodie Ever Made?

I had a hoodie person. I have been since third grade. It’s pretty much the height of sartorial genius. So, Bayard Winthrop, founder of San Francisco-based American Giant apparel company, you have my attention when Farhad Manjoo says your hoodies are the greatest hoodies ever made.

Why are they the greatest? The sweatshirts are made in America, for starters. Winthrop hired a former Apple industrial designer to rethink every aspect of the hoodie’s design “from the way the fabric is woven to the color of the drawstrings around your neck.” Plus, by making the decision to sell directly to consumers over the Internet, American Giant can cutout the middleman costs and sell its hoodie for $80. That may sound like a lot, but, Winthrop says his hoodie is made to last a lifetime.

“I grew up with a sweatshirt that my father had given me from the U.S. Navy back in the ’50s, and it’s still in my closet,” he told Manjoo. “It was this fantastic, classic American-made garment—it looks better today than it did 35, 40 years ago, because like an old pair of denim, it has taken on a very personal quality over the years.”

I might have to buy myself an early Christmas present, unless Winthrop and Co. feel like sending me a hoodie to review. Because I’d be open to that.

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