Touring the Lego Offices

Fast Co. Design took a tour of the Lego offices in Denmark. It’s safe to say its office is better than your office.

These are folks who play for a living, after all. (Lucky jerks.) So for Lego PMD in Billund, Denmark–where the toy giant develops new products–Danish designers Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord created a 21,500-square-foot big-kid funhouse. There’s an aerial walkway covered in blue padding to resemble a puffy cloud. There are cartoonishly oversized wall graphics, including one of the Lego man, and lush bonsai gardens built into the tables. There’s even a slide. (For getting to meetings faster?)

The idea is to evoke in employees the same sense of wonder that illuminates childhood, the better for understanding their pint-sized customers (and, in turn, designing for them). “Where does work stop and imagination start?” the designers say. “Through the physical design, the children’s fantasy worlds become part of the everyday, creating the setting for the creation of new design for new games and play.”

You know when Tom Hanks gets that job in Big? Yup, that’s what I imagine it would be like to work at Lego. Holy shit.

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