Why a Good Bar Is Essential to Your Neighborhood

The Atlantic Cities has an examination on the importance that bars play as communal gathering spaces in communities and neighborhoods.

“The vaunted ‘third space’ isn’t home, and isn’t work – it’s more like the living room of society at large. It’s a place where you are neither family nor co-worker, and yet where the values, interests, gossip, complaints and inspirations of these two other spheres intersect. It’s a place at least one step removed from the structures of work and home, more random, and yet familiar enough to breed a sense of identity and connection. It’s a place of both possibility and comfort, where the unexpected and the mundane transcend and mingle. And nine times out of ten, it’s a bar.”

Not only are bars crucial for raising a neighborhood’s “lingering index”, making the community spaces more well-rounded in the process, but they are instrumental as the digital age have erased other community gathering spaces.

(In case you couldn’t tell, The Atlantic Cities has become my new favorite publication. They are just killing it day in and day out.)

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