Asking For The Sex

SEXmalevsfemale1sdfdfsdThe obvious assumption to be made about these two videos of a woman asking men to have sex and vice versa is that men are ruled by the penis and will say “yes” to anything. Women? Not so much.

The woman only had to ask fourteen guys before finding seven willing participants (my favorite is the guy with his girlfriend who you can tell was trying to think of a way to say ‘yes’ without offending said girlfriend before finally deciding the best option was to admit he was with his girlfriend).

On the other hand, the gentleman caller had to ask 100 ladies without finding a single, willing lady to have the sex with. To the video evidence!

Woman Asking For Sex

Man Asking For Sex

Crazy, right? And kind of funny at the same time. Okay, but here’s the real takeaway. It’s not that women are less likely to think with their nether regions or that men are shameless in their desire for the ole crotch-bumping, it’s just really creepy for a dude to go up to a bunch of women and ask them for sex without much context or breaking the ice. The single ladies were more malleable to such a proposition even though they all eventually said “no”.

Also? Stick around for the end, because if you wanted to use this technique to actually pick up women you could. It would totally work and be totally skeezy. Once the guy tells them it’s a social experiment for YouTube and they start laughing, he’s broken the ice and created a situation to get their number or ask them to dinner or even have the sex.

Anyway, fascinating stuff to discuss from a multitude of angles. [via dangerousminds]

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