Clicking Bad

breaking-bad-walt-jesseBack in late September, Jason Kottke wrote about two video games that broke play down to its essentials, or, what he ultimately called “Meta Games“.

perform an action to get points, use points to power up, repeat. They’re games that show you how games work.

Further, Jason was so right when he said these games were very satisfying to play despite the main objective being simply to amass wealth and power.

Now, we can add one more game to that classification: Clicking Bad is — you guessed it! — a meta game based off of ‘Breaking Bad’ where the only objective is to cook batches of meth, sell meth, and buy stuff with that money. Rinse, repeat to ultimately amass wealth and power.

Sorry, but there goes the rest of your afternoon. It might just be the ultimate version of the meta game category.

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