Eat the Morning News on Your Toast

The Image Toaster is an art project by Scott van Haastrecht that combines your morning news with your breakfast. Think of it as offering a Rube Goldbergian solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist.

The Image Toaster is a Wi-Fi-connected appliance that scours the web for a popular photo of the day, then burns this low resolution image into your bread — whereby anyone with good taste will slather it with Adams Peanut Butter and homemade strawberry jam before consuming the news and breakfast at once.

According to Fastco Design: “A filter converts complex pictures into a small grid of black and white pixels. These binary commands fire off to the toaster itself, which uses servos to adjust a correlating grid of burners into on/off positions.”

There’s the very likelihood that the Image Toaster just burns Jesus or Mother Mary into your toast or that van Haastrecht is the real-life equivalent to Doc Brown.

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