Handcuff Key Shoelace Aglets

Are these keys really for tactical military purposes or are they actually intended for criminals masquerading as military-in-nature to seem more ethical?


Redditor Catness_NeverClean says her husband is a prison sergeant who is constantly dealing with sneaky inmates. Recently, someone sent him an image purportedly from another prison that found an inmate using handcuff key shoelace aglets.

The ingenious design comes courtesy of a US manufacturer that created them for US military special operations forces. Or so they claim.

This covert handcuff key was developed for an elite U.S. unit whose members are at high risk of being taken captive and require improved odds of escape.

It was designed to have a near zero likelihood of detection, yet still have the capability to be rapidly accessed when required. This was achieved by engineering a unique covert hide-out key which is located seemingly far out-of-reach of a handcuffed captive.

The photo above is of Belleville USMC Jungle Boots, issued to Marines. However, this seems more like a glorified PR stunt than an actual photo of a prisoner because I would wager most prisoners don’t show up to jail wearing standard issue combat boots.

Further, most special operations in the military know that upon being captured their boots are one of the first things taken (so they don’t run away) and chances are decent that they are held captive without handcuffs. Making these laces practically useless to them no mater how it’s sliced.

I know by posting this I’m helping advertise for the product, but I’m really curious if there are any military or police readers out there that could provide expert feedback.

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