Reddit Debuts Original Web Series ‘Explain Like I’m Five’

One of Reddit’s most popular subreddits,  Explain Like I’m Five, has been transformed into its own original web series, with a debut entry explaining Friederich Nietzsche and the philosophy of existentialism. Like the subreddit, the series focuses on explaining complex topics in ways that even five-year-olds can understand.

Reddit general manager Erik Martin, aka hueypriest, (for those in the know) told The Hollywood Reporter the series is “about encouraging the reddit community and bigger community of producers, filmmakers and animators out there to create content, video, web series, shows … based on Reddit content.”

It’s an interesting move by Reddit to move from aggregating content across the web into producing branded content. YouTube has funded three episodes of the series, including “The Crysis in Syria” and “The Volatility of the Stock Market.” I can easily see Reddit’s other popular interviewing subreddit, Ask Me Anything, being turned into a next-generation Charlie Rose-type of show.

Sadly, instead of explaining complex topics nobody knows about in an easily digestible manner, this web series comes off like Reddit’s version of ‘Kids Say the Darndest Things’. A true disappointment.

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