Cosplay Changes Lives

From PBS Offbook:

With TV shows dedicated to it, and pictures and videos all across the internet, cosplay has now officially entered the public consciousness. All over the world, enthusiastic fans dress up as their favorite characters and show off amazing homemade costumes at conventions and in inspiring photography sessions. But beyond the glamour is a powerful story of personal transformation. Dressing up helps many cosplayers subvert cultural norms and experiment with new identities. For some, it makes them feel more comfortable in their own skin. A practice that on the surface seems just for fun, in fact can have a profound effect on the cosplayer, revealing another side to this intriguing contemporary movement.

I was a bit disappointed by the lack of cosplay during the 2014 PAX East here in Boston. But, I’m glad someone did a mini-documentary on this culture because a lot of people just don’t get it when only looking at the surface.

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