Eh… Not so much

Wired’s Mat Honan tried out a treadmill desk for the month of December. It took him about two weeks to get into it.

By my third week, I was getting more than 5,000 steps every day and more than 8,000 on many days. This was in addition to the steps I normally take, so I had effectively doubled my daily step count. I found that I could wear normal clothes without having to worry about getting them sweaty (although I would typically shed my sweater). I also noticed that everyone wanted to try the desk. People still laughed at me, but then they asked if they could try it.

In the end, I lost three pounds during the month of December — during a time when I gorged on holiday food and candy and, aside from two lonely bike rides, made a point of not exercising in any way, shape or form whenever I wasn’t on my treadmill desk. I genuinely felt better at the end of most days too. It was a great experience in weight loss and health. But for working?

Eh… Not so much.

My big takeaway with the treadmill desk is that if I need to do anything requiring concentrated attention and focus, I must stop walking. I can reply to emails and make calls and do lots of quick hit tasks, but when I really need to dive in, walking is a distraction.

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