Links: A Trip Down ‘Street Fighter II’ Lane

01_cover1. HADOUKEN! An oral history of Capcom’s ‘Street Fighter II’ video game.

2. Never got around to posting any of the movie trailers that dropped during the Super Bowl, but here’s a round-up of them all. If you haven’t watched the ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier” trailer, you should do that right the fuck now. I could give or take the rest, unless Dinobots are enough to wash the stain of the previous two Bayformer flicks from your mouth.

3. Bill Gates is not good at chess, or rather, the best player in the world is really good at his job.

4. Sorry, but your futuristic burrito vending machine that produces good burritos is still a long way away.

5. The Rekindle Candle, by Benjamin Shine, is a candlestick holder designed to create a fresh candle from your burning candle by forming the melted wax into a chamber. The newly-formed candle can then be placed on top of the holder and the process can be started again. It’s like a hourglass but for candles. [via laughingsquid]

6. What wine should you pair with food? This chart should help you out.

7. If Beckham ends up naming his new Miami-based MLS team the “Miami Vice” I’m unclear if that makes me love him more or less. Leaning towards the latter.

8. “Awkward silence has an analogue online, thanks to the typing alerts that linguists call “awareness indicators.” On Google Talk or Gchat, a prompt says “Ben is typing…”; on Apple’s iChat a plain ellipsis signifies the same. These features are not as disposable as they may seem. One of Internet’s most remarkable effects on language is the jury-rigging of writing for conversation. In lieu of facial expressions, we type emoticons and emoji; for tone and inflection, we make novel use of punctuation. The typing awareness indicator is another adaptation: a way to pace a written conversation. But it can do more than just indicate awareness. It can induce anxiety, too.”

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