Map of US Cities Based on Most Frequent “Pleasant” Weather Days

weathermap1From Wired:

Like so many of us this winter, Kelly Norton, a designer and engineer based in Atlanta, felt like he was confronted with cold no matter where he turned. He’d fly to New York, and he was greeted by cold. He’d fly home, and it’d be cold there too. It got him wondering where all the nice weather was. To find out, he made this map.

Norton’s interactive chart shows which cities get the most pleasant days every year, drawing from NOAA data. Of course, what constitutes “pleasant” weather is subjective, so Norton played it safe. The definition he settled on was a day with average temperature between 55 and 75° F, a minimum temperature above 45° F and a maximum below 85° F, and no significant rain or snowfall.

The resulting map isn’t entirely surprising. Southern California is the most pleasant region, with LA and San Diego taking the top two spots with 183 and 182 pleasant days per year, respectively. The least pleasant place in the country? McAllister, Montana, with just 14 temperate days out of every 365.

Check out the interactive version of the map on Norton’s site. This is a fantastic use of data visualization, specifically the weather and geography, with loads of potential for feature improvements.

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