Smithsonian Magazine Announces 11th Annual Photo Contest Finalists

51999_1_251307.jpg__1072x0_q85_subject_location-1492,1170_upscaleSmithsonian Magazine has announced the finalists of its 11th Annual Photo Contest. This year’s competition had approximately 50,000 submissions, with ten images selected across six categories including: Natural, Travel, People, Americana, Altered, and Mobile. Fifty-nine images have been selected (one was disqualified) in total.

What’s particularly interesting to me: in the mobile photo category every single image selected was taken by an iPhone. You would think perhaps one or two would come from an Android device or even a Windows Phone. But, no. iPhones across the board. Does this indicate the iPhone is a superior camera or user behavior is somehow different? Perhaps. Perhaps it really means nothing, other than being an interesting coincidence.

The photo above by Cammie Cooley is particularly painterly — it looks staged, as if it were a movie still. The photo was taken with an iPhone 5 at Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana, on October 27, 2013. [via colossal]

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