NFL Soccer Jerseys

Soccer jerseys have always been fascinating because oftentimes the team’s logo isn’t prominently featured — it’s the club’s main sponsor front and center.  Well, just about everywhere besides America.  So you know the whole world, because they are all football/soccer crazy.

And in America it’s the exact opposite — advertising everywhere but the uniforms.  Graphic designer Jimmy Nutini imaged what various NFL jerseys would look like if they were refashioned as soccer uniforms. Here’s the one for New England:

Some are certainly better than others — Buffalo’s is quite nice, as is ones for the Lions and Steelers, however the Seahawks and Vikings not so much — and he’s managed to honor the NFL teams while adhering to the design aesthetic of many European football clubs.  Not an easy task.  Unfortunately, not all the NFL teams have been given the design transformation.

If I were the NFL, I’d buy the rights to reproduce these and sell them for a pretty penny. I’m not really one to wear an athletic jersey (there’s a rule, or there should be, about any male over the age of 25 wearing an NFL football jersey or an NBA tank top or even an MLB button down uni; the rare exception to this rule is of course the NHL sweater and any soccer top or shorts [but never simultaneously]) but I would be enticed by these.  [via buzzfeed]

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  • Jerry Macnamara February 23, 2011, 6:44 am

    Hey James!

    Aren't these re-imagined jerseys so dang cool? The creativity to twist your head and think about doing something new and fresh is amazing. I remember when the Denver Broncos unveiled their new football jerseys a few years ago – there was so much controversy over them! To me, I loved that there was something new and interesting – and not simply a throwback design that gets unveiled just for one game.

    I think companies like adidas (who hold the rights to the jerseys) should think with their heads crooked to come up with something new and interesting. I'm really tired of seeing the same general designs time and time again. Kudos to Nutini for making us think differently.

    And, I agree with you – men over 25 should not be wearing jerseys…unless of course, you're at the stadium and actually supporting your team. In that case, I have no issue.