2002 Yamhill Cuvee

yamhillcuvee.gifI will never forget the first time that I used the word VOLUPTUOUS, to describe a wine. It was the 2002 Domaine Serene ?Yamhill Cuvee? Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

The story goes something like this?Once upon a time in a land far far away, one of my more wine savvy couples came in and wanted something different, not on the wine list. I looked through to see what I had tasted lately that had given me chills. (That?s one of the ways I know I have a killer bottle on my hands!)

I saw the Domaine Serene bottle and immediately described it to them: a sexy, voluptuous Pinot with plenty of red cherry hinting at black cherry fruit, cola, spices of cinnamon & nutmeg, aromas of evergreen or ?forest floor? with a wonderfully pleasant and full finish.

I probably didn?t have to go any further than saying the word ?voluptuous? because as soon as I finished my verbose wine description they inquired, ?Voluptuous, huh?? They nodded their head in agreement with each other.

They fell in love with the wine and winery just as I had. Unfortunately for some, this winery has spared no cost in producing what they and many people believe to be the best Pinot Noir in Oregon and perhaps the world. They advertise a lot, as you may have seen the full-page ads in Wine Spectator stating that they have ousted some of the best French Burgundies in blind tastings.

They recently built a state of the art gravity flow winery. This allows the wine to flow naturally through the wine making process without the use of pumps. They have very low yielding vines and they only use the best new oak barrels. Ultimately they use the best of everything.

This translates to a higher cost for us, about $30-35 for the Yamhill Cuvee. This is just their entry-level Pinot Noir too! They also make about five others:

They have also begun producing a Coeur Blanc (a white Pinot Noir!), the only domestic one to date! There is no doubt in my mind that this is a Pinot Noir worth splurging on. If I could pick one Pinot Noir to drink for the rest of my life, under $50, I would definitely imbibe Yamhill Cuvee without any qualms.

Wine Tip: Every so often us wine geeks find a word to describe a wine that really entices someone?s palate. Using masculine and feminine designate words are a great way for consumers to procure an idea about how the wine will taste.

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