D’Oh! Ben and Jerry at it again

Oh those crazy Vermont ice cream makers. This weekend the company, known for it’s outlandish creations based around cult celebritites like Phish and The Grateful Dead, have paid tribute to Homer Simpson. Unfortunately, the ice cream flavor of beer and donuts, creatively named “Duff & D’Oh-Nuts ice cream” was only available for a one off performance at the Springfield, VT. world premiere of The Simpsons Movie.

We say that’s just tragic. You can’t create a ice cream that’s based off of beer and chocolate donuts and not offering to the world in small batches. Shame on you Ben and Jerry, shame on you!

The flavor, called Duff & D’oh-Nuts, is described by the company as a combination of chocolate and cream stout ice creams with glazed chocolate doughnuts.

Sean Greenwood, a Ben & Jerry’s spokesman, said he had just tried a sample on Wednesday afternoon ? and, aye carumba, he enjoyed it.

“We definitely have some folks here who have some experience in combining flavor,” he said. “It’s got kind of a grainy chocolate taste, a little wheaty. Then you get this blast of doughnut that comes through with every bite. The doughnut is sweeter than the ice cream.”

Well, so much for that. Woulda been nice to at least try the new flavor.

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