Is Chicago losing their love for deep dish?

This news or conjecture by Chicago Trib writer Phil Vettel leaves me dumb founded. He asks the question is Chicago, the city known for deep dish pizza, losing their appetite for it? I hope not, not because I particularly like deep dish (I don’t) but because the thought just makes me sad.

It would be like New England turning a blind eye to creamy clam chowder and embracing the tomato-based Manhattan style. This has to do with identity and culture, maybe more so that about pizza. Great video accompanies the article.

For another thing, it seems as though all the pizza action is happening at the thin-crust level, including the most recent wave of restaurants touting Neapolitan pizza popping up around the Chicago area.

And I thought: Could the deep-dish pizza be in danger of becoming the Wendella boats of Chicago cuisine–steeped in history, but enjoyed primarily by tourists?I know that I haven’t been pulling my weight in terms of deep-dish support. My buddy Mike and I used to down a large mushroom pizza and a pitcher of beer and feel positively virtuous afterward. But now, eating more than one slice of deep-dish pizza fills me with cheese and recriminations. Which, I believe, is the title of a Jane Austen novel.

I’m okay with this, so long as they keep the Chicago-style hotdog, slathered in pickles, tomato slices, onions, celery salt and mustard.

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