The Beer Fridge

Duke students, I guess, are capable of more than playing basketball and allegedly raping local prositutes/strippers/exotic dancers. One of them, a Mr. John W. Cornwell, put his smarts to good use by inventing a beer launching fridge. Anyway, I keed, because this guy probably has more smarts in his pinky then I have in my entire body. And we’re so happy he’s putting it to good use.

He made a trip to Letterman to show of the fridge, which launches beers by remote control so you don’t have to get up off the couch. He’s even thinking about producing a limited run of these to sell for about $1500. Not a bad little gadget to buy with your tax return.

Have you ever gotten up off the couch to get a beer for the umpteenth time and thought, “What if instead of ME going to get the BEER, the BEER came to ME???” Well, that was how I first conceived of the beer launching fridge. About 3 months and several hundred dollars later I have a fully automated, remote controlled, catapulting, man-pit approved, beer launching mini-fridge. It holds 10 beers in its magazine with 14 more in reserve to store a full case. It is controlled by a keyless entry system. Pressing unlock will start the catapult rotating and when it is aiming at your target, pressing unlock again will stop it. Then the lock button can be pressed to launch a beer in the selected direction.

Almost all of the raw materials for the refrigerator were purchased from McMaster-Carr, some motors came from Jameco, and the switches/potentiometer were purchased at RadioShack. In total the beer launching refrigerator uses 3 limit switches. Two of which are triggered when the elevator reaches the top or bottom of its travel, and one is triggered when the catapult arm is fully cocked. I also have a potentiometer that is connected to the rotating catapult platform. The voltage across the potentiometer is read by the microcontroller to sense the angle of the catapult platform.

We’ve always wanted one of these for our man-pit, but is it possible to get one for our man cave as well? Behold! The glory of the beer launching fridge!


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  • vilm April 29, 2010, 12:23 am

    as a stella belgium beer lover i'd say…oh boy….ppl have lots of time on their hands!

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