The Pefect Pair: Mussels and Clams

Steamed Mussels & Clams

20 PEI Mussels

10 cherrystone sized clams

8 oz Sauvignon Blanc (if you wouldn?t drink it, don?t cook with it!)

1 oz chopped garlic

2 oz compound almond butter (just throw in some sliced or shaved toasted almonds)

1 carrot julienned

Garnish with fresh cilantro


Heat up large saut? pan to med-high heat. Pour 1-2 ounces olive oil in pan. Add garlic and any other vegetables you want to add to recipe. After you can smell the garlic cooking, toss in clams and mussels. Cover (ideally with another saut? pan of the same size). After a minute or so add the white wine. Once the wine reduces to about half the volume add butter, almonds and the julienned carrot. Cook until all shellfish have opened up (shouldn?t take longer than 6-8 minutes, total cook time). Garnish with fresh cilantro, basil or sage; whatever you like. Make sure you have your new best friend, SB, chilled and uncorked too, of course! Bon Apetit.

We’ll be back on Monday to resume our weekly duties with another trivia question. Let’s go folks you’ve been slacking on your answers! Cheers!

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