Wine Contest: Trivia Question #1

Hey ya’ll! I know I’m infilitrating the terrain of The Wine Guy, but it was a crazy weekend, so I’m just getting to what I should have gotten to on Monday morning. Hopefully this won’t be a common occurrence. So without further ado Jacob and I present the first question, in what will be a weekly series…

It’s going to last for three months, the person with the highest score (the most right) at the end will win a wine board created from the The Wine Guy himself. It’s a very cool prize and we’ll get a picture of it up ASAP. Send your trivia answers to [email protected] with “Wine Trivia” in the subject by Thursday at 5 p.m. We’ll post the winning answer Friday morning. If you don’t get it right, just remember that this is more of a marathon than a sprint!

Q: Name the two wines that share the same name as their appellation or DOC. Technically speaking, all the premier crus & grand crus of Burgundy qualify for this answer, but I?m not referring to those. Hint: They are both from really small regions, one in Italy & one in France, and the wines I?m speaking of are the only wines produced in their respective regions.

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