Wine of the Week: Rombauer Carneros 2006 Chardonnay

rombauerchard.jpgI know, I know, a Chardonnay you say? A lot of you might think that if you?ve had one you?ve had them all. Believe it or not though, I could list more than ten different styles of the king of white grapes.

This one, crafted by Rombauer Vineyards in the Napa Valley, is definitely a 90+ by my standards and by multiple wine publications.

Prepare to be profusely rewarded with this one, trust me! This Chardonnay does not bear false pretenses AT ALL. Upon first nose, it whacks you smack dab in the senses with peaches and cream, pears, a hint of mango & toasted almond. That?s all before you take a sip!

Taste it and your palette will be perked with a subtle oak note and it clocks in at about an 8.5 out of 10 in richness. After all that you are still rewarded with the solid 15-20 second finale. Evoking a sublime wine rhyme time; At least for me!

More often than not, producers who make this rich, unctuous style of Chardonnay go too heavy on the oak or the wine is flabby and one dimensional sans acidity. Nothing could be further from the truth with this Rombauer. It delivers with a force and runs on all cylinders.

Consumer?s caveat: Occasionally a lot of really good wines that haven?t quite reached the upper pricing tier (for domestic Chardonnay, $40+) are sold at discounts to retailers and restaurants. This is usually because the distribution of the wine is still in a growth phase. I just heard of the Rombauer brand in July 2006 but they have been a family operation in Napa since 1982. My point is that you can find this wine for a deal sometimes when the new release comes out and the local distributor has the previous vintage still in stock. I found this Chardonnay at a semi-fancy wine bar in St. Petersburg, FL for $34 a bottle. Just a mere $4 above MSRP!

Carneros 2006 $30 Retail

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