Mother’s cookies are no more

With all the talk recently of bailing out major corporations, from banks to car companies, some of which aren’t even really American anymore because they are “multi-national,” I’d offer Congress the option of bailing out a true American company.

mcacI was saddened to learn that Mother’s Cookies, a company based in Oakland, Calif.  filed for bankruptcy and abruptly closed their doors about a month ago.  Right now, you’re saying “mother’s cookies, mother’s cookies? nope sorry can’t place it.”  The company makes the scrumptious pink and white frosted animal cookies.

Well no more my friend.  Those cookies are the pinnacle of the animal cookie/cracker nexus.  It’s possible to eat an entire bag in one sitting without blinking an eye.

Due to rising fuel and supply costs, the company shut its doors a month ago.  Now that I’m aware they are no longer in business, I might have to stock up on a few bags at the grocery store.

According to industry lore, the company was founded in 1914 by a newspaper vendor, N.M. Wheatley, as a one-person shop. It expanded and moved to the 81st Avenue location in 1949.

Mother’s later had a series of corporate owners: a Belgian company, Artal B.V., bought it in 1991; it was owned by Specialty Foods Corp. of Illinois in the late 1990s; in 2000, Specialty sold Mother’s and Archway Cookies to Parmalat, which in turn sold the combined business to Catterton for an undisclosed sum.

Catterton said in a statement it “took a number of actions to remedy” the company’s financial crisis, “but these actions were not sufficient to overcome the losses and return Mother’s Cake & Cookie Co. and Archway Cookies LLC to profitability.”

One of those efforts was to seek financing. “But, as you know, the credit environment is very difficult now,” said Meaghan Repko, a spokeswoman for the owners, in New York.

You hear that Hank Paulson?  Get the damn cookie company some money.  Maybe like $20 million or so.

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  • SOG December 15, 2008, 8:55 am

    To the Editor of the Sly, you are missing a source citiation to back-up the origins of this story. Please copy the information provided below and paste in the spot where you say you were "saddened to learn that Mother’s Cookies. . . " in order to give credit to the person from which you "learned" said information. Thank you!

    (Burton, Sarah M; December 10th 2008)