A Famous Chef Gives His Father a Final Meal

kellerThomas Keller, world-renowned chef of The French Laundry/Per Se/Bouchon had the chance to rekindle his relationship with his absentee dad shortly before the old man passed away at 86.  Really, if you read one story about how cooking and family and forgiveness can heal a soul, buff out the hard edges to a person, this would be it. “Mr. Keller ate many of the dishes in the book with his father at Ad Hoc. Even after the accident they would go, despite the physical challenges of getting his father out of the house. Ms. Cunningham said she used to worry about how customers might feel watching the famous chef feed his father.“Here he was taking care of his father just like a baby,” she said. “For Thomas, it didn’t make the slightest difference. Whatever he could do to make his dad comfortable he did.””

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