Ban these phrases

Restaurants often rely on horribly cliched copywriting to sell you their food.  All of the suggestions offered should be scribbled on a post-it somewhere next to the place menus and slogons are composed.  Among the offenses:

“Kobe burger”

If it grazed in Idaho, it’s not Kobe. It’s only Kobe if it comes from the Kobe region in Japan.

–“Shrimp Scampi”; “Eggplant alla melanzane”; “With au jus”

Respectively interpreted as “shrimp shrimp”; “eggplant in the style of eggplant”; and “with with juice.”

I understand the need to do this for chain restaurants, where they’re driven as much by marketing as they are by the (lack of) quality of their food, but for all other restaurants this type of bad writing happens more often than one would think.

World Famous.  That’s the one phrase that drives me absolutely bonkers.

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