Buffalo Wings will no longer be a cheap bar food

Given how the Bills’s season has unfolded, and well, the past 80 some odd years, isn’t it time the City of Buffalo receives good news?: “Most experts predict that wing prices will continue to rise at least until the Super Bowl in February, when a lot of wings are sold and prices peak. Even afterward, demand looks set to remain strong. Pizza Hut announced this month that it would expand the availability of its wings menu, which it calls WingStreet; in 3,000 stores today, the menu will be added to 2,000 stores in the near future. Adam J. Scott, a founder of Wing Zone, an Atlanta-based chain with 80 restaurants in 20 states, said the days of cheap wings might be gone forever. That is, unless something changes on the supply side.”

It shouldn’t be too hard to genetically modify some chickens in a giant factory warehouse in the middle of America to keep cheap wings on the table.  Afterall, the City of Buffalo needs this.  They depend on this.  Can’t we think of them?  If not me? [via]

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