Fluffernutter gets its due

If Massachusetts State Legislators have their way the Fluffernutter (a Boston delicacy pronounced fluff’ah’nuttah) will become the official state sandwich.  The dessert-like sammy is essentially a combination of fluff and peanut butter spread ideally between two slices of Wonder Bread.

It’s strange now to think how I used to eat these for lunch practically everyday as a child. Now? Not so much. My stomach is repulsed by the very notion.

Still, I consumed so many that I began experimenting with various combinations as an early teen (some do drugs & alcohol, I did fluff) — fluff with jam, fluff with banana, fluff on toast, grilled fluff (same culinary method as the grilled cheese), triple decker fluff, deep fried fluff with bacon, etc.  This probably explains why I’m a fat ass and my cholesterol level hovers around 250. 

Surely a restuarant would clean up with a deep friend fluffernutter dessert.  Small squares of peanut butter and fluff deep fried and topped with whipped cream and  a fresh berry sauce/compote.

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