Food Trucks and Twitter


Caroline McCarthy has a rundown of food trucks using Twitter to bolster their business and advertise their fresh offerings.  If you’re thinking these food trucks are disgusting purveyors of street meat, then you would be wrong.  There are high-end trucks targetting yuppies and business workers. 

Goat cheese is the new black. Introducing goat cheese cheesecake, asserted the Twitter account for a Manhattan food outlet called the Dessert Truck one morning in April, a few hours before it opened up shop at its semi-regular haunt on the corner of St. Mark’s Place and Third Avenue.

The Dessert Truck is usually in good company. Walk out of the Astor Place subway station into Cooper Square, the gateway to the St. Mark’s and Bowery nightlife strips, and depending on the time of day you can buy a cup of coffee, an order of Thai chicken, a Belgian waffle drowning in whipped cream, or a cone of local-ingredients-only ice cream–or, for that matter, goat cheese cheesecake–without ever setting foot inside a storefront. If you ask whether you’ll find them there the next day, your server will likely tell you to keep tabs on the truck’s Twitter account.

In case you’re looking for one in your city, Buzzfeed has compiled a list of about 20 or so food trucks on Twitter from varying cities.  Most of them are in New York, LA and San Francisco, however. 

Photo by Caroline McCarthy.

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