Great Liquor Packaging

I’ll admit, that one of the methods I use to determine my liquor choices is packaging.  If a bottle is well-designed, be it scotch, gin or rum, then I’m more apt to plunk down $20-$30 for a bottle. 


The Dieline examines 50 such bottles that would get my business whether or not the product is any good.  Despite the overabundance of Absolut Vodka bottles, it’s nice to see three Portland spirits make the list. 

That both 12 Bridges Gin and Lovejoy Vodka (both are crafted by Integrity Spirits, whose Trillium Absinthe also made the list but I haven’t partaken yet) are excellent tasting spirits in their own right is an added bonus.

If you’re wondering that’s the Hawthorne Bridge on the bottle.

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